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17 August 2017

Wild wind...

another late start this morning...cool conditions for our walk...did spot a rainbow...

very very windy at lunchtime...the surf was up around Lennox Gardens and I got soaked from the waves crashing against the edge...lots of puddles too (my shoes are still damp)...one of the rare times were I could actually feel myself being pushed along...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 14.1/41% (apparent temp 11.4)
start time: 1:15pm
total distance: 9.26
total time: 50:00
avg pace: 5:24
total calories: 741

the winds were from the WNW-NW at 37-46kph with gusts of 46-65kph...

16 August 2017

BBQ Stakes #67...rabbit 10 hunter 5...

it was raining for our walk this morning...not many other people out and about...

bused in to work...

the wabbit asked for advice re shoes given the overnight rain...she opted for her O shoes...I had to run from the bus again (which was running late again - the new bus driver keeps letting people on after closing the doors!), making it to the start with 1:45 to spare...as usual the wabbit had started off 4:45, a 16:15 headstart...

conditions were berry berry windy so I was surprised to spot her heading up the hill near the school...turns out the O shoes are slightly too big and as a result she'd tied her laces too tight and her right rear paw fell asleep!...I ran on to claim victory by 1:08, finishing 20th to the wabbit's 33rd (48:10)...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 11.7/61% (apparent temp 9.2)
start time: 12:31pm
total distance: 6.02
total time: 30:47
avg pace: 5:07
total calories: 507*
avg HR:
recovery HR:

HR strap has been ditched for the moment so this reading will be higher than normal...

splits: 5:11, 5:31, 5:09, 5:32, 4:32, 4:48, 0:03