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24 April 2017


was clear for our walk this morning and quite still...Mt Taylor was shrouded in fog and had rolled in by the time I got to Curtin on the bike...it had cleared to a nice day by lunchtime...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 10.6/100% (apparent temp 10.2)
start time: 8:14am
total distance: 16.68
total time: 38:24 (including 0:20 stopped time)
avg speed: 26.1kph
total calories: 263
avg HR: 118

I had my third appointment with the physio...he again worked hard on my lower back and hip, this time adding in some work on my hammie...I have a couple more exercises to do and he's happy for me to do an hour on Sunday...back for another appointment next week...

23 April 2017

Queanbeyan park trial...

earlier this week I got a FB invite from Gary Clarke, regional director for parkrun, to take part in the Queanbeyan parkrun trial today at 9am...we could also invite other people so I invited Cookie knowing that this would become her home run now that she had moved to Jerrabomberra...

the course is described as:

"this is a double loop, out and back course, starting by the river on Morisset Street, starting on grass and then running along a bike path. The path winds its way up a hill, past the Riverside Cemetery, turning around close to McEwan Avenue. Follow the path back the same way, loop around the turn at the start point and repeat.

This course has two short hill climbs per lap, and is suitable for prams (noting grass start, turn around, and finish) and dogs on leads"

Gary's description in the pre-race briefing was "a slight incline" and "some lumps" after that...he lied!

this is easily the toughest course in the region and is made for MOUNTAIN goats...and the path is concrete...

Cookie clocked 23:32 AFTER running 10k in her "warm up"...

I cruised to 25:12 before doing another two laps to round out my long run (definitely faster than my normal long run pace)...Scott M kep tme company on the third lap...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 13.2/77% (apparent temp same)
start time: 9:05am
total distance: 10.06
total time: 52:31
avg pace: 5:13
total calories: 765
avg HR: 155
TE: 4.5
recovery HR: not noted
heart beats per k: 809

splits: 5:02, 4:57, 5:06, 5:00, 5:05, 0:02 / 5:23, 5:32, 5:33, 5:14, 0:16

I gave Cookie a lift home afterwards before doing some cache in Jerrabomberra and Kingston...